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Tennis League

Our Tennis Club offers Tennis Leagues. A Tennis League are competitive play organized by ability. Tennis Players sign up individually or as a Partnership team and are placed according to level. Tennis League play will run for 15 weeks, with each player scheduled for 10 plays.

Please download our 2018 league application and return it to us filled out in order to be placed. Each application requires a $200 deposit to hold your spot.

If you have any dates that you know you are unable to play, please list them here and we will schedule your “byes”.

Womens Tennis Singles League $550

Wednesday 9-10:30 am (4.0) NEW
Thursday 12:30-2 pm (3.0) NEW
Friday 9:30-11 am (3.5)

Womens Tennis Doubles League $395

Tuesday 9:30-11 am (rotating) (3.0-3.5)
Wednesday 10:30-12 pm (rotating) (3.0)
Thursday 11-12:30 pm (partnership) (3.5-4.0) NEW

Mens Tennis Singles League $550

Monday 9-10:30 pm
Tuesday 9-10:30 pm

Mens Tennis Doubles League $395

Wednesday 9-10:30 pm

Mixed Tennis DoublesTennis League $495

Friday 8-10 pm (beer, wine, light snacks)