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Justin Redlich

Justin RedlichCertified tennis teaching instructor Justin Redlich has a magnificent love for the spectacular sport of tennis. He spent his early years training in Florida at Nick Bolleteri Tennis Academy and college years playing division one tennis for Hofstra University. As a tennis enthusiast and true lover of the game, Justin has become an expert in all aspects of the sport. His specialties include: mental awareness, physical conditioning, as well as quickness drills to help tennis players improve reaction time and footwork. Justin has seen through many years experience being around the tennis world that it takes hard work, determination, and discipline to take an average player to the tournament level. He is living proof that by sticking to your goal and having a burning desire for its achievement, success is almost guaranteed. Justin is a fully confidant and determined tennis instructor. He will use any means necessary to help his tennis students of various ages and ability levels reach their true potential. Whether you are a ranked tournament player or brand new to the sport of tennis, Coach Justin Redlich’s passion and expertise will help you reach your tennis goals. As a student of coach Justin’s Training winning team you will push your boundaries and feel for yourself why this game will change your life.